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In a Million Years

The  past and future can't be changed...right?

Johnson & Locke  - Two scientists who invent a machine which they dub the Timatron; it is an instrument that can not only transport men through time but physical space as well.  Should they use it? 

Debra Castle  - A Woman in Black  Weapons Master & Squad Leader for the Society in Black.  She knows little of the world and less about love until she is sent on a mission with Carson.

Carson Maddox - A Society in Black Sr. Research Scientist who is paired with Debra on a mission to "bend" time in a way to free humanity from alien rule.

The Keplerians - An alien race which ends the planet's Mass Annihilation and then becomes its rulers.

Polly Nichols - Debra is sent back in time to deal with a suspected alien and save Polly from its clutches.  She was going to be his first victim...

Jack the Ripper   - A being of some sort that spread terror for unknown reasons in London's Whitechapel District in 1888.

Harold & Willie - Just a couple of buddies cruising around the universes playing games...?


What will become of time once the play begins?