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In a Million Years

The  past and future can't be changed...right?

30 Years In The Making...

You could say that this book has taken me over thirty years to write and you would be correct in that conclusion, time being what it is...


There are three parts to this book:

Part One: Saving Abraham

Part Two: Life In The Fast Lane

Part Three: The Woman In Black


I am a short-story writer (who never wrote anything over 13,000 words) so each section of this book was formerly a "long short story" which interlaced with each other.  I finally decided to put them in book form while doing some major rewrites to each.

Saving Abraham was written sometime in the late 1990's

 , Woman In Black was written in early 2000.  while Life In The Fast Lane came to be in 2018.  

Saving Abraham and Woman In Black were both self-published by me in a collection of short stories in 2005 (Library of Congress number 2005904039, ISBN 1-4134-9423-4) through Xlibris but it wasn't until I wrote Life In The Fast Lane that this book came together, it is the heart and soul of the work.